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Hand harvesting, one tree at a time. September 01 2017

Final Delivery of the Season December 13 2016

California olives with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, garlic, and parsley June 21 2016

If you like garlic you'll love this simple and easy to make appetizer.

2 six oz. cans of large California pitted black olives, drained

2 tsp red wine vinegar

1/2 cup Bava Family Grove Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2 minced fresh garlic cloves

2/3 cup chopped Fresh Italian flat leaf parsley

Salt and pepper to taste

Combine all ingredients in a bowl, adding more or less of the ingredients to suit your taste. Serve with toothpicks. Enjoy in good health !!


Solid Gold May 27 2016

More Solid Gold For Our Liquid Gold !!

El NIN~O March 14 2016

First it was 4 years of drought ------ now its EL Nin~o !!

That's farmin'

Organic Farming March 02 2016

Organic farming in progress !     3/1/16