Grand Retirement Sale November 09 2019

Get yours while the supply lasts! After 41 years on a real job plus 15 years as an olive oil producer its time for a second retirement.

Save $$$$ during  our one and only, once in a lifetime, pre-Holiday , Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and retirement sale.

Enjoy deep discounts on our 2018 Bava Family Grove Organic , Extra Virgin olive oil.

  • 500mL single or multiple bottles marked down from $18.99 each down to $13.00 each.
  • 12 bottle cases of 500 mL bottles have been reduced from $199/case down to 160.00 ea.
  • Our 200 mL size bottles are discounted from $129 / case down to only $ 72.00 / case , (case lots only).

 FREE SHIPPING remains in effect for purchases of $70 or more !