Dear Phil,

Thank you so much, we received the 2nd case today.                 We love the oil and my husband can't get over how delicious it is. Please make us part of the Bava Family !

Ewa and Arthur Bergmann          

Kula ,Hi






You have replaced butter and made my life a dream.

The greatest olive oil I have eve tasted !!

Thank You So Much,  Allan   

       I just got my 1st order of your wonderful olive oil. I had to open one for dinner that night. What a delightful smooth taste !  We enjoyed it very much. I also love seeing the date of harvest printed on the label. It is reassuring to know I am getting fresh olive oil. I am so happy to have found your site.

CTH in FL       




Hey Phil !

I happily received my shipment of olive oil in the mail. I was definitely shocked with the difference in taste compared to what I'm used to. It was sooooo smooth and has a very fresh savory profile. The oils I have been buying for the past couple years always had mixed / confusing flavors and a sharp, peppery bite after I swallow. They almost make me cough ! Whereas I could probably  drink your oil from the bottle !! So I am very impressed and absolutely love your product !

Thank you for your prompt responses to my questions and keep up the great work,

Darrain Stabler,  Fort Wayne, Indiana



Our family  sent us your oil to celebrate our new life (we moved from Ohio to Oregon ).The olive oil is remarkably delicious. It is so good I would like to drink it !! Your oil is beautiful.

Fran R ,   Oregon




  Hi Phil,

I received the olive oil today and it is delicious !  I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it !

Ryan M,  Austin Tx.

We just received our first 2 bottles. WOW, this is outstanding tasting extra virgin olive oil. I’m sure glad we discovered your establishment. We couldn’t be happier! Thanks,

Charles P. , Woodinville Wa.

The sample bottle arrived yesterday and the oil is lovely. You must be very pleased, as I know we are too. Congratulations to you and Team Bava.

Lynn Voight All Things Olive , retailer in the Washington D. C. area.

The oil was delivered yesterday and it is WONDERFUL !  We love it ! I apologize if I'm off a bit t our initial experience is that the oil appears fresh and pure with a very deep aroma compared to what we're used to, has a soft and buttery feel and flavor up front with a slight pepper finish at the end....I'm sure I haven't fully experienced it yet....Very pleased Phil, Thank You,

Clayton H, Fairview ,Tn

Yay! I am so happy to hear that you are out of bottled olive oil because that means you are cranking and busy! We are out of your oil too. Thank you so much for everything you do! We truly love your olive oil and deeply appreciate what you do!

Wild Woods Wellness
Fort Collins, Colorado

WOW .. I don't think we've ever had real olive oil in our life! It is wonderful.. has a bite and cooks wonderfully. I will be ordering more. Thanks so much !

N.L., Punta Gorda, Fl.

I ordered 6 bottles of Bava Family Grove olive oil on 12/30/15 for its freshness and award winning history. The package arrived very quickly. The dark colored bottles are labeled with harvest date and number showing it's serious quality concern and professional manner. After consumed one bottle I am very glad that I made the right choice. The oil's taste is super good. I immediately recommended to my friends and relatives. Since Bava only produces limited amount of cases, I wanted the people that I care to get these freshest and excellent bottles of olive oil ASAP before Bava sold all out.

Yarran Lu, Irvine Ca.

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