Fresh Organic California Extra Virgin Olive Oil

 Order Your 2018 Olive Oil Now  !    

 Good News  After being sold out of our 2017 olive oil for five months our fresh 2018 harvest is bottled and now being shipped. 



                            CONGRATULATIONS !

You have found, as the New York International Olive Oil Competition states, one of  "THE BEST OLIVE OILS IN THE WORLD".

Make Bava Family Grove Certified ORGANIC and Certified EXTRA VIRGIN your source for  FRESH, nutritious, and heart healthy olive oil.

 WARNING: Bava Family Grove Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is NOT IMPORTED , NOT BLENDED with IMPORTED olive oil ,or doctored up  with various flavors. It is simply the JUICE of 100 % olives grown only at our home ranch and is a delicate oil that will enhance any meal whether used as a heart healthy replacement for butter or for dipping, drizzling over veggies or soup, in salad dressings , or sautéing.

.Enjoy the results of our passion for creating world class olive oil and our commitment to organic farming practices, hand harvesting, and attention to detail.

Our less than 2500 bottle annual production is available by the bottle, or multiple bottles, or by the 12 bottle case with free shipping for all orders over $70. Taste the difference in FRESH CALIFORNIA OLIVE OIL.

  • To see the 60 minutes expose' on imported fake olive oil go to
  • To view ABC TV in Washington DC video featuring Bava Family Grove go to the ABOUT page and click on the video at the bottom of the page.

    Please visit our products page for more details on our award winning ORGANIC BAVA FAMILY GROVE EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL. Purchase bottles online right now . Read the praise of people who have experienced our award-winning olive oil.